Voidwalkers' Salvation

Killian's Bane

The Burnscour worm rushes towards the party as we begin the initiative count. Some shots are fired at it to minimal effect and then Quell hits it with the sensory deprivation (blinding and deafening it) followed by a thought send of the tunnel opening actually being in the wall to its right rather than in front of it. The beast charges into the open “hole” leaving the party behind. Suddenly an unnatural darkness falls over the entire area as the group realizes that the beast just charged right… into… the wall… without burrowing….

Some handy green sticks are pulled from the acquired ship packs and dropped/thrown to strategic locations around the room. Quell sustains his Astropath mind trick and keeps the beast running through the walls. On the next round a Flamer demon moves out of the wall and into the cavern. It blasts a firestorm across the cavern that the group successfully dodges. Then it absorbs fire from Cornelius to no effect. However, a hail of bolter and plasma shots puts it down. Vir began checking his auspex for signs of the beast or other living things, but has no information on its location. Quell and Dmitri are convinced that its currently in the warp.

Before another round passes… the GM calls stalemate because there is no way to force another Willpower check against Quell at this point. So, the beast and Quell would remain locked together until Quell needs to sleep… at which point it would be returned to its senses and come crashing in on a very tired party. The group takes this moment to collect their strategy and plan for a way to bring it into the cavern in the most advantageous way possible. Unfortunately, its return was accompanied by a sudden rain of blood and gore falling down from the ceiling like a hard downpour.

Vir rigged all of the available grenades (3) into a remotely detonating bomb. The group formed a semi-circle on with the focus in a back corner of the cavern. Then Quell brought the beast up into the kill-zone and right on top of the bomb. Since they had time to prepare, the GM let the party set their own initiative order and the beast would go last. The beast came up exactly as prepared and the bomb went off, but it only scratched the underbelly. Shots rang out from all directions… with Silas hitting it with a full-auto shot from his bolter. Those shots ripped into its side revealing a swirling warp storm in the beast’s belly. A swarm of demon insects rushed out of the hole. The beast turned and blindly rushed at random… right towards Captain Harvlesk! The beast brought its maw right down on top of him, but the Captain deftly jumped out of the way. Then he thrust his power sword right up into the beast’s gaping maw and through its brain. The beast’s head exploded in a shower of fire and the body of the 30 meter worm flipped over straight back and away from the party. The group then watched as the warp storm began slipping its bonds and increasing outward. Quell focused on it from behind the party, but the veil to the warp was thinning now… he successfully stopped the expanding storm and shut it down… but vanished into thin air!

Cornelius put down the demon insects in a shower of purifying fire with some help from the Captain and Dmitri. The group waited for the beast to stop moving as Quell snapped back into existence behind them. Dmitri spotted him and went over to check that he was alright. Having determined that he was whole, they both moved towards the worm. Then, the Captain and Silas began dissecting the beast to look for any artifacts they could find.

The crew shaved the whole beast’s interior apart. They located a boot with some kind of symbol on it (that no one looked at), an ancient Baleful eye (possibly from the Age of Strife), and a brooch with the sigil of Killian’s family on it. Vir located a secret compartment in the brooch and opened it slightly and handed it back to the Captain. The Captain determined that there was some kind of leathered skin inside that was folded up. He carefully closed the brooch again and put it in his pocket.

Then the Captain asked what the armor rating potential of the worm’s hide would be. I informed him that it was a 10 (individual) or 5 (vehicle) armor rating, if it could be tanned correctly. Everyone searched their memories (including Vir), but didn’t know how to tan Burnscour Worm hide. But, the Captain wanted it. So, we discussed having the combat servitor BOB drag it through the castle. Turns out (after some checking) that BOB can only drag 2700 kg. Not the 30,000 kg that the worm originally weighed or the about 18,000 kg it weighs now that it was scooped out. The group cut it into about 6 pieces (approx. 5 meters wide each) and had Bob drag one out.

The Captain and company discussed briefly with Governor Bosch what they were doing and then some were planning to head back to the ship to sleep (its been a long 20-hour day). The Captain ordered the landers to come down to the courtyard with servitors to get the rest of the worm. Followed by a cleaning servitor crew to cleanup the mess.



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