Voidwalkers' Salvation

Session 12 - 2/18/2012

In which the Scared Straight technique is applied

Unwilling to carry on without repairing the damage from the skirmish with the raiders, Harvlesk returns the Voidwalkers’ Salvation to the Hermitage. Repairs are determined to take 17 days, which will put the crew approximately on an expected timetable for their mission to find Damarus IV and Kato Thaddeus.

During the trip back, Silas investigates the pirate data. All logs are within realspace, which is a tad odd as the ships they fought had Warp drives. There were many consistent but unknown reference points in the nav data, but there was a single point that was the origin of the last three departures. Likely a base or meeting point.

Harvlesk offers the priate vessel as a gift to Fortunas and the Hermitage. hey respond that a tech priest named Hux had contacted the dockmaster hoping to speak w/ Harvlesk. “Oh, yeah,” says the rest of the table, “I kinda remember that happening.” Vir had met with Hux hoping to gain some new patterns, and Hux asked for an audience in return.

Hux: “I am told you are quite adventurous. Your preist mentioned your search for the lost system of ”/wikis/damarus-iv" class=“wiki-page-link”> Damarus IV?" Asks to be kept in the loop of anything discovered on its location or any goods from there.

During conversation, Harvlesk brings up the name Davanne. Hux doesn’t know it or recognize the signature code. Vir gives him the second, hidden code. “Ah, yes. This code is connected to a priest on board named Racko. Not part of the enclave, but all tech priests are required to check in. But you never said why you were looking for him?” Hux is informed of the concern over possible tech heresy. Hux is troubled by the possibility. Doesn’t know of a sect that would wear yellow robes. Also, re: the mines around the (former) Harpalian: “Strange those mines don’t show on my scanners. That’s Navy technology, there. Closely guarded.”

Harvlesk consults w/ Josef for insight into combating heretics and handling the issues of Arbites and the various jurisdictions involved. Asks Josef to present a trophy taken from Temple to (a representative of) Brother Regen as a gift (along with informationon /passage to Temple itself), and asking for an audience.

Fortunas calls Silas and demands an audience. Along with Vir and Quell. Silas notifies Eli, who is also in the docks to meet the ranks of Arbites led by Commander Marquez. Harvlesk insists on accompanying his crew, and is brought along.

The three are led into one room, Harvlesk into another looking into the first. Some questions are asked, mostly about the footage of the events on the Harpalian, and the crew’s actions during and after the recording. This is the first time Quell has seen the footage… and the creatures peering from the pool. “You are sure you destroyed that pool!?” he demanded of Silas. “Yes! I used your own weapon!” “Let us see that weapon,” the commander asks, “hold it to the window.”

Quell does. Within the control room, another voice is heard: “Thank you, Commander. We no longer require your presence. You may leave now”. He does. A tech priest enters the room with Harvlesk and reveals himself to be Davanne. There is much suspicion, especially since the microphone was left open. Davanne offers to join up with the others, Eli agrees.

A suspicious/pious/foreboding thought causes Eli to take a closer look at the tech priest, and notices something that simultaneously puts him at ease and convinces him he is in more peril than he ever has been before.

“My lord Inquisitor!” he blurts, and makes appropriate religious gestures. Luckily, the rest of the crew caught on.

Revelations are made! To describe them, I present Our Friend The Bullet Point:

  • Quell’s Damarus IV Inferno Pistol has the same type of Warp connection that the statues did.
  • Davanne is carrying a Damn Big gun… one with a Damarus IV mark… that ALSO has the warp-connection.
  • Davanne considers the Soul Binding ritual’s protections enough for Quell to withstand any Warp influence from the connection.
  • Some general background on the history of Damarus IV is provided
  • Davanne believes that the weapons of Chaos can be harnessed and used against Chaos, and this is why she was performing the tests on the Goo and general interest in Damarus IV.
  • Davanne further warns Harvlesk about the Zetok Syndicate and their relation to Damarus IV and Kato Thaddeus. “Who do you think owns The Hermitage, Captain?” “I do not know, nor had I given it much thought. But narrative irony dictates that the answer is the Zetok Syndicate.” “Not directly, of course. Through many levels of shell organizations. But… yes.”
  • Davanne is interested in putting an end to Thaddeus’ spread of un-controlled Damarus IV goods, and provides some information on his ships (Thaddeus Bargin, Bothney, a few others assumed to be transports)
  • She instructs the crew to send a message to the Zetok. This exactly: “We have met with Davanne and everything is proceeding as planned.”
  • In the future, if it is necessary to contact Davanne, talk to Hux and tell him there is a message for his “special assistant”.



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