Voidwalkers' Salvation

The Salvation of Inessa

The horrors within the Observation Deck soon revealed themselves. A large multi-mouthed blob burbled its way towards the crew causing hallucinations and even sending the Captain into stunned silence. Meanwhile, the floating form of Inessa floated over the ghostly cowering image of a naked woman.

With a yell of pure rage, Quell incited the crew to action and began to charge the foul beast. Behind him the crew sprung to action with Dmitri repeatedly trying to use his gaze upon the creatures and repeatedly failing. Silas moved to a better location to take aim and shoot the creatures. While Cornelius began chanting litanies to the Emperor to drive the things back into the warp. As Inessa floated in the center of the room, she released a massive burst of light that blinded Vir. Quell took one swing at the blog to little effect. Vir sensed the danger Quell was in and re-routed his optics to his servo skull. Vir then quickly charged and threw Quell out of the way.

The blob then sloughed its way over the two of them even as parts of it were vanishing back into the warp. —TBC



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