Voidwalkers' Salvation

The Vault Door on False Hope

The session opens with Captain Harvlesk having a wide ranging and open conversation with Patronius Bosch, governor of this city on False Hope. Patronius told Harvlesk about growing algae indoors away from the radiation to provide food and that there is a thriving barter economy of exchanging services (e.g. fixing small machines) for food in the market. He asked an indelicate question about why did Wolfheart Harvlesk abandon this colony to the sand tigers. Which the Captain answered by saying some people believe that new colonies are hardened by hardships and that was apparently Wolfheart’s opinion. Captain Harvlesk referred to Theresa Koll as a scavenger… a remora feasting on the scraps of meals hard-won by her predatory betters (e.g., Wolfheart).

Then it was on to the vault where he quickly ascertained that Dmitri (Le) was nervous about the vault door… Vir (Jeff) was jacked into it and the rest of you were standing around looking on. Harvlesk missed the same initial awareness check that you all missed, but fortunately Nathan asked for a Ciphers check and passed. He immediately saw that the whole configuration of the door made a cipher that said “Danger to all who enter here.” Moving up to the door he began examining the symbols and strange ports in the door/wall. On his way in Vir warned him, “Captain, be careful, there are weapons systems protecting this door.” But heedless of the concerns the Captain looked closer. (Nathan would later claim that this statement was never made and that I had withheld information about the danger… but the other players corroborated my statement.)

Looking closer, Captain Harvlesk spotted the eight-pointed chaos symbol next to the Emperor and the Machine God. This was clearly an abomination, so naturally he shot the Chaos-marked gear with his plasma pistol.

Vir was the first to notice the door powering up and urged them all to run as he unjacked and fled the room. The rest of the party rolled initiative and tried to escape. But, first everyone had to make dodge checks as the door shot its heavy flamers all across the room. Everyone made it but had to hit the deck. On the next round they all started to flee with varying degrees of success as the heavy bolters fired up. Dmitri was hit twice in the right arm and Quell was hit twice in the head. They both survived to flee the room. Captain Harvlesk valiantly stayed behind to aid Cornelius (Dan) in escaping the vault corridor. In the next round, a warp incursion began all across the face of the door as black blobs winked into existence and a Screamer of Tzeentch appeared. Imagine a purple manta ray-shark that was as large as the door. The Screamer hung onto the door as the door began melting in contact with it. The flamers fired again lighting it on fire and attempting to hit Harvlesk and Cornelius as well. In the next round, the door had melted away to a pile of slag on the floor and the screamer now flaming and covered in promethium charged Harvlesk and Cornelius. A quick dodge by the Captain kept him out of it clutches as the party moved into range to try to finish off the beast. It was a final 38 point… yes… 38 point shot by Silas with 3 spikes on a d10 that struck it and finished it off. The party burned the now dead and flaming screamer until it returned to the warp. Some wanted to look for patterns in the flame colors, but were quickly shouted down by the other players.

The party moved beyond the door into the large seemingly natural cavern beyond. A good distance in they found one symbol on each wall… an 8-pointed star superseded by the Emperor’s throne where offices of the Administratum made up each point. Captain Harvlesk informed the crew that his ancestor believed so strongly in the Emperor’s might that he didn’t hesitate to show the Emperor triumphing over chaos even if that meant using chaos symbols. Also in this location, on the floor and ceiling were two large symbols showing the Emperor on his throne and manifesting psychic power. The party took these symbols as powerful symbols of warding. Heading deeper into the cavern and now apparently outside of the palace foundation they found a larger dead-end cavern. In this place was Killian’s Bane… an enormous worm clearly transplanted here from the Death World, Burnscour, where such worms are common. Killian’s Bane was the largest of these ever seen and was said to have eaten a Rogue Trader named Killian. At that time, Killian was said to have a Xeno artifact that would protect him from the creature… it appears it didn’t work… oh… and it may have opened a portal to the warp in its gut. Its currently charging towards the party with ravenous hunger and evil intent.



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