Cold Trade Merchant


Bal is a well-spoken man who is always ready to make a sale. Gunrunning here, illegal drugs there, its all the same to him. Bal would say, “Everything has its price.”


The party met Bal in the bowels of Port Wander. Bal showed the party a hellpistol with obvious Damarus markings. He gave it to them as a gift. He agreed to set up a regular trade with them in Damarus weapons and artifacts. At the time of the sale, he had no religious texts or charms, but he is looking to add more in his next shipment.

Interestingly, because of the party’s mercurial ship, they arrived in The Hermitage two weeks BEFORE they left Port Wander. Even more interesting was the fact that Bal’s ship, the Atellus was present in port. Apparently the Atellus is performing low level signals to another ship, the Torian Blade, which is apparently moth-balled.


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