Cognis Quellian

Astropath Transcendant


Quell wears long, thick robes made from strips of cloth weaved together and bearing many symbols of the Emperor and the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. He wears a skull cap and his robe keeps the rest of his face, except for his sunken, empty eye sockets, in shadow under most conditions.

Though he takes great care to never reveal it, Quell’s left arm is artificial, and several sizes too small form him; likely originally intended for a child.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Will Power Fellowship
34 37 33 40 40 44 51 61 30


Shock Staff – A staff with the insignia of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Quellian often carries this with him when on ship, to help remind the crew just who he is. He has taken to leaving it behind when participating in any sort of off-ship mission, as it proves clumsy to handle with his disability.

Laspistol (Best Quality) – stored somewhere within his robes.

Inferno Pistol (Best) (Damarus) – Part of the spoils from a find of some Damarus goods, it was given to Quell as an upgrade for his, compared to the rest of the crew, paltry armaments. He took it grudgingly, but has started to realize that the best way to deal with unspeakable horrors is, often, to just shoot it in the face.

Name Class Damage Type Pen Range ROF Clip Reload Special
Laspistol (Best) pistol 1d10+2 E 0 30m s/-/- 30 Full Best Quality: Never jams or overheats
Shock-staff (Common) melee 1d5+3 I 0 Shocking:if damaged, target makes Toughness test @ +10/armor in location; fail = stun for rounds = 1/2 damage
Damarus Inferno Pisol (Best) pistol 2d10+8 E 13 10m s/-/- 3 Full Best Quality: Never jams or overheats

Psychic Techniques

Thought Sending
Sensory Deprivation
Mind Probe


A member of the Void Walker clan, Cognus was a young man on the Odessa when it was decommissioned. In the confusion of the time that followed, all his compatriots lost track of him, and he wasn’t seen again by his clanmates for years.

Shortly after Eliazr Harvlesk started assembling as many Void Walkers as he could for his crew on the Voidwalkers’ Salvation, Quellian reappeared, in full Astropath regalia. Overjoyed at the prospect of having a Void Walker Astropath join his crew, Captain Harvlesk accepted him and placed him on the command staff.

With both his appearance and demeanor, Quellian seems to do everything he can to remind onlookers of his status as both a gateway to the horrors of the Warp and vessel to a portion of the Emperor himself. As a result, he has little interaction with crew members outside the command staff.

For reasons not even he understands, and certainly without his own encouragement, he has come to be known as “Quell” by others in the command staff. He grudgingly accepts this, mostly because he doesn’t know how to make it stop.

For an Astropath, Quell doesn’t communicate very much, but he always gives the impression of listening very hard.

Cognis Quellian

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