Kalus Nostra



Kalus was born in Footfallen on the other side of The Maw . As soon as he could, he got off-world and headed for the Calixas Sector. He was looking for the bright lights and easy money away from the gangers and scum. Instead he quickly learned that there are scum on all sides of the Maw and he would do well to earn his money where he could.

Kalus realized that for every security system he was able to break he learned how to make it better. It wasn’t long before he started hiring himself out as a security specialist. After working on a few ships he discovered that he had a real knack for the work. When he returned to Port Wander, he decided his skills could be better used in the Koronus Expanse based on his knowledge of the territory.

Kalus was hired as a security crew chief for the Voidwalkers’ Salvation. During an incident in the Warp, he personally led the security teams to victory against things that are better left unsaid. Suffice it to say that his actions saved a large portion of the Gunnery decks. For his bravery in the face of adversity, Kalus was promoted to the Command Crew as the Head of Security. He now protects the entire ship and utilizes his skills in the markets to locate unique items for the Command Crew.

Kalus Nostra

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