Kato Thaddeus

Captain of the Thaddeus Bargain


Kato Thaddeus is a large hulking man of about 45 Terran years. He is balding and grey haired from his time in the Warp and the many things he has seen. Thaddeus’ face bears the scars of some long-ago fight and they are his most distinct marking. He is usually dressed in a red long-coat adorned with medals gained from service to various planets.


Kato Thaddeus is a Rogue Trader of some renown in the Koronus Expanse. He is the Captain of the Thaddeus Bargain. He was one of the first Rogue Traders to try his hand at sailing through the warp storms when they abated. As a consequence, he is known for his brash actions and willingness to take risks in the name of profit. Thaddeus is not part of a larger consortium or family and uses his Writ to mainly serve his own ends.

He was hired by the Zetok Syndicate to find and plunder the ruins of Damarus IV, a planet and system lost during the warp storms. The Zetok Syndicate believe he may have located the planet and double-crossed them. Captain Harvlesk and his crew have been hired to track him down, recover the lost goods, and kill him if possible.

Thaddeus’ last known whereabouts were several weeks ago on The Hermitage.

Kato Thaddeus

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