Lady Zetok

Contact for the Zetok Syndicate


Lady Zetok is a beautiful woman who appears noble-born. She lives on Port Wander and is a main contact for the Zetok Syndicate. Her butler, Jericus, makes it clear to any visitors that she is not the leader of the Syndicate nor does she want to discuss the topic. She carries herself with an aristocratic aire about her and is immaculately dressed at all times.


Lady Zetok has hired the party to locate Damarus IV and plunder its treasures, track down Kato Thaddeus, and be sure to notify her of their progress. Captain Thaddeus was originally hired by her to find Damarus IV using a partial star map provided by the Zetok Syndicate. In addition to the star map, she told him (and the party) that the last ship known to have been at Damarus IV was the Emperor’s Redemption. That ship is currently being moth-balled at The Hermitage station. Captain Thaddeus left Port Wander only 6 weeks before the party and they were sent after him because he had not responded to requests for information. She assumes that Kato Thaddeus has double-crossed the Zetok Syndicate and thus has hired the party.

Lady Zetok

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