Voidwalkers' Salvation

Ancient Frigate


The Voidwalkers’ Salvation is a fairly large and regal looking frigate upon first glance. However, on closer examination blackened scoring from lance hits are clearly visible… whole sections have been removed and replaced with components that only barely fit… the ship appears to have been in many fights and is more than ready for the next one.

Sailors in the deepest holds speak of the ship talking to them… telling them to begin a battle by firing on the next ship… Surely these are just the ramblings of void-weary crewmen.


The Voidwalkers’ Salvation was originally an Imperial ship of the line known as the Sword of Wrath. It was slated to be moth-balled and decomissioned when the Harvlesk family bought it on the cheap. They immediately began adding improvements in the hopes that they could send it into the newly opened Koronus Expanse. Fortunately for them, Eli Harvlesk returned to the family just in time to carry the ship into battle once more. He quickly renamed it the Voidwalkers’ Salvation and began hiring as many Voidwalker clansmen as he could. The word spread throughout the Sector and now the ship has become a Clan-Haven.

Voidwalkers' Salvation

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