A Demon that claims Damarus IV as his own


Demon. Horned. Claims that Damarus IV is his planet and has been ever since the followers of man became his followers.

Potential Big Bad.


A large Demon of the Warp. The party first encountered him when they interrupted a corrupted tech priest’s attempt to open a warp portal and Vulcy started materializing within. During this encounter, Quell shot him with his recently acquired Damarus IV-made Inferno Pistol. The demon seemed more intrigued by the weapon than having just been shot by it. The encounter ended with the portal closed and Vulcanus banished back to the warp.

Later, Quell stumbled across the demon during a psychic fever dream triggered by a near-fatal wound. The encounter was surprisingly non-violent, and Quell may or may not have inadvertently made one or two bargins with the demon before he was able to wrest himself from its presence.

Quell has decided it is in everyone’s best interest if he does not mention this.


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