Statue of Dmitri Xalot

Small black statue. Possibly evil.


It’s probably moderately heavy. I wouldn’t want to drop it on my foot. Or sleep with it under my pillow.

A small black statue of a man with a flowing cape standing in a triumphant pose. Its base reads, in High Gothic, “Demitri Xalot / Planetary Governor of Damarus / 114th Year of our System.” The craftsmanship is such that you could almost swear the cape shifts slightly… and when it does, you’d almost think it was actually a mass of tentacles. Nahhh.

It currently resides in a warded storage container in an unoccupied crew quarters on the Voidwalkers’ Salvation.


This statue was originally picked up by Cognis Quellian during the Torian Blade incident. It caught his eye laying among the debris from a crate that otherwise contained medical supplies. He wasn’t sure why it had caught his attention, and initial inspection didn’t reveal anything unusual about the statue, physically nor psychically. Regardless, and because he’s a paranoid bastard, Quell obtained a spare crew quarters and secured the statue there, after scrambling the entry code to ensure a wayward Maid Servitor didn’t accidentally drop it into open circulation.

Much later, Quell returned to investigate the statue again. He found its room to be slightly colder than expected and, looking into the statue as if into the warp, found a… presence in there. Almost as if it was connected to something else that was itself in the Warp (half-remembered detail?). He cut his inspection before diving any deeper. Now that he had some solid information, he brought it to the command crew.

Josef Hresk was able to translate the writing on its base to reveal the statue represented the planetary governor of Damarus IV, and was dated from the year that the Koronus Expanse was cut off from the Empire. He further explained how such statues are usually given to children as a gift on the day of their birth.

For reasons not even he truly understood, Quell found himself arguing with Josef that they should retain the statue instead of destroying it. He likely took this position out of refusal to let Joseph give him orders, despite Joseph’s position as the crew’s head priest and voice of the Emperor.

Quell’s position is that the statue may represent a greater threat in their future, and intends to gather information about that threat as best he can until the statue itself proves to be a threat. He has agreed to do no such investigation without the presence and… spiritual guidance… of Josef.

Statue of Dmitri Xalot

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