Voidwalkers' Salvation

The story so far

The Trouble on Port Wander
The party was hired by the Zetok Syndicate to find and kill Kato Thaddeus. Lady Zetok told the players that he has double-crossed the Syndicate and started selling goods from Damarus IV without them getting their take. They made their way to The Hermitage, a salvage yard space station. They were told that the Emperor’s Redemption was the last known ship to have reached Damarus IV and it was being decomissioned at The Hermitage. They were also told by Lady Zetok that they may find the rest of a star map onboard. Lady Zetok was convinced Kato Thaddeus had found that map and then found Damarus IV because Damarus goods are showing up on the black market and he hasn’t checked in. The party confirmed that Damarus goods are in the Cold Trade by talking to Bal, a cold trader, who offered them Damarus goods.

On the way to The Hermitage
On the way to The Hermitage, the ship was thrown off-course, but right into the lost system of Temple!! They landed on Temple III, one of the perfectly spherical planets, and found a temple carved into the very rock. Entering this ancient church they found some blobbus, misshapen, beast of chaos that gibbered and babbled at them. The group dispatched it but not before it gravely injured Josef Hresk, the ship’s priest.

The party arrived at The Hermitage three weeks before they left Port Wander. They discovered that Bal’s ship, the Atellus, was in port!! The party was able to discover a series of communications between the Atellus and a derelict called the Torian Blade.

The Destruction of the Torian Blade
The party snuck aboard the Torian Blade without the Dockmaster’s knowledge. There they met the leader of a group of mutants and learned that the “Hermits” use mutant labor to dismantle the ships in salvage. The party gave the mutants a picter to gain access to the engine room. The mutants took a pic of the party. In the engine room, the party determined that energy was flowing to the bridge and a location near the fore cabins. Vir rigged the engine to blow with a remote detonator switch.

The party traveled to the fore cabins and made contact with a tech priest who was selling Damarus wares. Naturally, they killed him before they began talking and THEN saw he had Damarus wares. Another buyer, Roland, appeared who mentioned that you could coordinate purchases for Damarus goods through the dead drop in the center of The Hermitage. Roland mentioned it was operated by a woman named Marcella. The party agreed to divide up the merchandise with Roland since the tech priest was dead. Some of the obtained goods included an unusual black statue, a Damarus inferno pistol, and an icon of the Emperor on his throne. The party was leaving the merchandise room when a group of murder servitors arrived. Roland apparently let off a krak missile, likely exposing that room to space. The party retreated back to their transport, only to find that the mutants were rioting!! They fought their way through the mutants and out of the ship. The party was spotted leaving by a Hermitage patrol and while they conversed… the party set off the explosives they had rigged to detonate the entire vessel.

Upon returning to The Hermitage by escort, they convinced the Dockmaster to keep their excursion quiet. They reviewed the station auspexes and found that a small ship had left the Torian Blade before the explosion… also the bridge could be seen jettisoning from the ship just prior to the explosion. The party had the ship traced to a hanger and their security detail saw 3 persons exit that ship. The security detail took pics of them. The ejected combat bridge could not be located.

Boarding the Emperor’s Redemption
The next day the party took the Aquila lander to go to the Emperor’s Redemption. On the way to the ship, they discovered a mine field around another ship, the Harpelion. They skirted this region and arrived at the Emperor’s Redemption. The party left a security detail with the lander and headed deeper into the Redemption. The ship had massive warp fluctuations running up and down it in waves. The party slayed a few creatures along the way to Engineering and got a report that one of the crew had gone mad and run off. In Engineering, they discovered a tech priest running some kind of experiment with the warp engine. He immediately sent a group of small demons at them. These demons jumped out of some kind of greenish goo that was flowing out of a wall panel. The demons held them off while the tech priest finished opening a portal in the warp engine. A massive demon began coming through the rift… somehow the party maintained their composure, killed the tech priest, and shut down the gate to send the creature back from whence it came. The fluctuations ceased, but soon the party realized the entire ship was somehow now in the warp. The party left Engineering and continued forward.

The Lost Trader
In the ship’s church they encountered Albrecht Mahler, the Captain of the Redemption. Albrecht seemed to think the year was decades prior to the current era. Captain Harvlesk remembered hearing that the Mahler family writ of trade was cursed. Every Mahler who has held the writ has vanished into the warp at some point during their career, never to return. Captain Mahler was reading and clutching an ancient book of prayers to the Emperor. He allowed them to see its ornate illuminated pages, but kept it close. The party asked him about Damarus IV. Capt. Mahler admitted that his family had had a star map to Damarus IV for centuries and had sold goods they brought back. He called it a dead planet, but full of riches. Capt. Mahler led them to the bridge to allow them to see his great ship and to make a deal to sell them the map to the Damarus system.

A fight for control of the Redemption
On the bridge, the party met Tangar, an astropath transcendent, and Pasha, a tech priest. A brief conversation revealed that Tangar currently controlled the ship. He ordered Capt. Mahler to stand-down when Mahler was trying to give the star maps for Damarus IV to Capt. Harvlesk. A fight ensued and the swift actions of the party were required to shift the ship back into real-space just before some demons could manifest on the bridge. Captain Mahler and the rest of the bridge crew vanished with the warp shift. However, Tangar was real and attacked them in the real world as well; they dispatched him handily. The party learned from his dataslate that he was a crewmember of Kato Thaddeus and his diary recorded his excitement at arriving on Damarus IV. There were no further entries. One other thing survived the shift… Mahler’s religious text! When Captain Harvlesk read the cover, he realized it said “The Book of Lorgar” who was one of the heretical Primarchs that defected from the Empire. Harvlesk destroyed the book, but inhaled its dust while doing so. The dust afflicted both his body and spirit, but he survived. The mad crewman was dispatched on the return to the Aquila. Then it was back to the Voidwalkers’ Salvation. Once back in real-space they learned it was now 12 days AFTER they originally left Port Wander! The Atellus had left the station presumably headed towards Port Wander.

The tech priest enclave and the statue of Dmitri Xarot
Vir met with Huxx, the local tech priest enclave leader, and was promised a blueprint for some interesting equipment in exchange for a meeting with Captain Harvlesk. Quell reviewed the unusual black statue closer and noticed it had a strong connection to the warp. In addition, he noticed that the cloak on the back or tentacles (?) seemed to move when he stared at it. Ultimately, with the help of Josef, he determined it was a statue of Dmitri Xalot the last Planetary Governor of Damarus IV. Josef explained how such statues are usually given to children as a gift on the day of their birth. The party ordered Kalus to observe the dead drop area and ask his contacts about it. The Captain decided to visit the shrines on the station with Josef. The rest of the party traveled to the Harpelion with the Dockmaster’s blessing. Upon their arrival, they docked near the bridge with some excellent flying by Silas.

The Harpelion Incident
On the bridge, they discovered four murder servitors that appeared to be guarding the bridge. There was also a large pool of greenish goo. Vir interfaced with the servitors in an attempt to change their programming, but he was foiled by someone named Davanneobviously a tech priest. This person obtained Vir’s identicode and some minor information about him through the link. Vir was able to break it off, but then a fight ensued. After the fight, the party discovered and took a series of data-pads in the console was taking some readings of the goo. They also burned the goo and the deck of the ship using the inferno pistol. The party returned to the Voidwalker’s Salvation wondering who this Davanne was and what exactly was going on here.

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