Tag: cold trade


  • Torian Blade

    The Torian Blade is a derelict frigate that orbits [[The Hermitage | The Hermitage]]. This derelict is being dismantled by the mutant workforce employed by [[The Brothers of His Holy Light | The Brothers of His Holy Light]]. The ship is in a great state …

  • Atellus

    The Atellus is [[:bal | Bal's]] light frigate. It is believed to be used to transport goods for Cold Trade. The Atellus makes regular runs between [[The Hermitage | The Hermitage]] and [[Port Wander | Port Wander]].

  • Writ of Rogue Trade

    This document is highly prized by all citizens of the Empire. It designates the bearer as a true servant of the Emperor tasked with expanding the borders of the Empire. Those who hold it are in many ways above the law of most locations. However, the …