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  • The Hermitage

    A repair and salvage outpost run by a collection of monks, [[The Brothers of His Holy Light]], who are headed by [[:brother-regen | Brother Regen]]. Rogue Traders regularly sell salvaged vessels at The Hermitage. Although it is not widely known, the …

  • Damarus IV

    A hive planet within the Koronus Expanse that was once the source of a large number of... manufactured goods that were well renowned for their quality. Legend tells that the machines on the planet all shut down at once and were unable to be revived. With …

  • Port Wander

    A gigantic space station serving as the center point for all trade between the recently reopened Koronus Expanse and the rest of the Empire.

  • Lucin's Breath III

    Lucin's Breath III is the third planet of the Lucin's Breath system known for its steadily disintegrating star. As the star continues to die over the next millenia it releases wave after wave of gasses that bathe the system in a greenish-blue glow. …

  • The Maw

    A narrow channel through the warp storms that cut off the [[Koronus Expanse]] from the rest of the [[Calixis Sector]]. The Maw has been reopened only for the past 50 years and occasional warp storms still wrack the area sending ships wildly off course.

  • Footfallen

    Footfallen is known throughout the Koronus Expanse as a Cold Trade Paradise. The Empire gets its tithe from the Governor, of course, but the Cold Trade on Footfallen is rampant. Tread carefully on this world... the opportunity for wealth is …

  • Calixis Sector

    The Calixis Sector is the region of the Empire that borders upon the [[Koronus Expanse]]. It is a heavily populated region with stagnant trading and alot of old money. The reopening of the [[Koronus Expanse]] has sent most [[Rogue Traders]] to find …

  • Koronus Expanse

    A vast region of space with untapped riches for those brave enough to enter it. Alien vessels, pirates, and the occasional war stand in your way... but what are a few minor inconveniences when it comes to PROFIT?