A derelict ship in orbit around the The Hermitage. It was registered as being completely stripped and was waiting only for the shredders to reduce the bulk of the hull’s metal to scrap. It also housed some sort of unknown experiment that the party disrupted.

And then it exploded.

The party’s first exposure to the ship was while en route to the Emperor’s Redemption. After that adventure, and with the dockmaster’s permission, they navigated the mine field and the boarded the ship (Session 9).

Aboard they found 4 Murder Servitors, 1 scanner/diagnostics console, and 1 familiar looking pool of goo.

Vir was able to trace the Servitor’s commands back to another Tech-priest (Davanne). That priest became aware of Vir as well, and then the Usual Fun broke out.

When the party left the ship, they left it with 0 functional servitors, 1 console sans its data storage module, and 1 new hole in the floor where the Goo used to be.

Upon their return to the Voidwalker’s Salvation, the party was informed by a very angry Dockmaster Fortunas that it appears the ship had exploded and that was really rather inconvenient.

The Harpalian lives on in all our hearts, and also in the recordings captured from the monitoring station. The recordings include, among other things, multiple attempts by unknown horrors to escape the pool of goo only to be beaten down by the servitors, and also the party destroying the servitors… while a couple unseen heads watched from the pool.

A copy of this recording was given to Fortunas, who promised to promised to pass it along to the arbites to investigate who might have been using the ship unknown to everyone else. The presence of the demons on the vids weren’t known until after the handoff but, really, who’s likely to care about that?


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