House Rule - Corruption

Corruption has been dramatically changed from the book description. In our game, there are threat levels and the concept of choice vs. involuntary exposure.

Corruption by Choice
Believe it or not, sometimes Explorers choose to interact with corrupting influences. When choosing to interact with corruption its influence cannot be avoided (i.e., no check). Some examples are:

  • Minimal – Consorting with xenos (3 CP)
  • Minor – Interacting with a cultist (6 CP)
  • Intermediate – Rejecting the power of the Emperor (9 CP)
  • Major – Participating in a dark ritual (12 CP)
  • Extreme – Bargaining with a demon (d10+14 CP)

Corruption by Involuntary Exposure
When involuntarily exposed to a corrupting event, the Explorer makes a Willpower check against the degree of corruption involved. In addition, success against a minimal or minor threat would result in no CP gained while success against a greater threat merely halves the CP gained. Lastly, one check will be made for each event using the severity of the event. For example, being in an unholy temple (extreme) where you are unprotected in the warp for a time (minimal) and you view a horrible event (major) is three events.

  • Minimal – Unprotected in the Warp (+0 WP check, 3 CP)
  • Minor – Holding a corrupted object (+0 to -20 WP check, 6 CP)
  • Intermediate – Eating a corrupted object (-10 to -30 WP check, 9 CP)
  • Major – Viewing a horrible event (-20 to -40 WP check, 12 CP)
  • Extreme – Being in an unholy temple (per day), (-30 or greater WP check, d10+14 CP)

House Rule - Corruption

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