Torian Blade

The Torian Blade is a derelict frigate that orbits The Hermitage. This derelict is being dismantled by the mutant workforce employed by The Brothers of His Holy Light. The ship is in a great state of disrepair.

The party discovered that Bal was apparently doing transactions with someone for Damarus weapons. The party found and killed the seller. A tech-priest whose name was unknown to them. The party then met Roland and divided the loot with him. Shortly after dividing the loot, the party left only to see Roland get attacked by combat servitors. At this time, Roland’s fate is unknown.

The Torian Blade was destroyed in a massive explosion believed to be caused by a runaway engine overload. The party barely escaped with their lives.

The party spotted a shuttle leaving the vessel just before the explosion and possibly the combat bridge remained intact.

Torian Blade

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