Eliazr Harvlesk

Rogue Trader


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Half Move Full Move Charge Run Base Leap Base Jump
4 8 12 24 3 60
Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Will Power Fellowship
44 44 31 34 43 48 43 60 52


Skill Basic Trained + 10% + 20% Bonus Skill Basic Trained + 10% + 20% Bonus
Acrobatics (Ag) X X 43 Lip Reading (Per)
Awareness (Per) X X 43 Literacy (Int) X X 48
Barter (Fel) X X 52 Logic (Int)
Blather (Fel) X X 52 Medicae (Int)
Carouse (T) Navigation (Int)
Charm (Fel) X X X X 72 -Stellar X 24
Chem-Use (Int) Performer (Fel)
Ciphers (Int) Pilot (Ag)
-Rogue Trader X X 48 -Spacecraft X X 43
Climb (S) -Flyers X X 43
Command (Fel} X X X X 72 Psyniscience (Per)
Commerce (Fel) X X X 62 Scholastic Lore (Int)
Common Lore (Int) -Astromancy X X 48
-Imperium X X 48 Scrutiny (Per) X X 43
-Rogue Trader X X 48 Search (Per) X X 43
-Harvlesk Empire X X 48 Secret Tongue (Int)
-Kronos Expanse X X 48 -Rogue Trader X X 48
Concealment (Ag) Security (Ag)
Contortionist (Ag) Shadowing (Ag)
Deceive (Fel) X X 52 Silent Move (Ag)
Demolition (Int) Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Disguise (Fel) Speak Language (Int)
Dodge (Ag) X X X X 63 -Ship Dialect Odessa X X 48
Drive (Ag) -High Gothic X X 48
- Ground Vehicles X X 43 - Low Gothic X X 48
Evaluate (Int) X X 48 -Trader’s Cant X X 48
Forbidden Lore (Int) Survival (Int)
Gamble (Int) Swim (S)
Inquiry (Fel) Tech-Use (Int)
Interrogation (WP) Tracking(Int)
Intimidate (S) Trade (Int)
Invocation (WP) Wrangling (Int)

Talents & Traits
Quick Draw
Armor of Contempt
Resistance Fear
Air of Authority
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Iron Discipline
Sound Constitution
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee)
Into the Jaws of Hell

Special Abilities
Duty to the Throne
Exceptional Leader


Name Class Damage Type Pen Range ROF Clip Reload Special Rules
Plasma Pistol (Ryza Pattern) Pistol 1d10+6 E 6 30m S/2/0 10 3 Full Overheat, Maximal, Red Dot Laser
Power Sword (Mordian) Melee 1d10+5+Str E 5 Power Field, Balanced, 5 to Parry (15% total with Balanced bonus)
Shotgun Pistol Pistol 1d10+4 I 0 10 S/-/- 1 1 Reliable, Scatter, -10 BS if not fired two handed
Plasma Pistol (Wrath) Pistol 1d10+8 E 6 40 S/-/- 8 3 Full Overheat, Accurate, Red Dot Laser)

Fate Points

Best Craftsmanship Enforcer Light Carapace: 6 armor all locations



Rope Belt blessed by a Brother of Light
Fetish from Temple
Small Statue from Port Wander
Void Suit
Fine Clothing
Xeno-pelt Cloak
Filtration Plugs
Shipboard Emergency Kit (pg 146)

Litany of Faith (+20 research bonus for Common Lore: Ecclesiarchy and Scholastic Lore: Imperial Creed)(Blood of Martyrs)

Mefante’s Orthodoxy (+10 to charm tests involving religious oratory or inspiration to an Imperial Audience)(Blood of Martyrs 145)


Eliazr Harvlesk

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